Monday January 7th, 2019

Today feels like a FAIL at the moment…

But didn’t IN the moment

So I’m not going to give it any more thought and instead am headed

To bed

I’m tired even though I didn’t nothing of value today.

I didn’t even shower.

I spent most of the day whittling away at foam core, making corner shelves. I’ll post some pics of them soon.



Sunday January 6th, 2019

The fire alarm went in the middle of the night so I (eventually) went outside and waited with everyone else/got bored and went to the Hasty Mart on the corner for a bag of Pop Chips and a brownie.

Was in my bed half an hour later

Woke up @8:45am

Today is the first in 4 months that there are no pets here and Im enjoying how clean it is and how much more free time I have for activities! 🤪

Made coffee and finished brownie from hast Mart.

Worked on mirror project and foam core corner shelf until 11 then got showered.

Derek returned Evan at noon. Derek wasn’t feeling well but stayed for a bit before heading off to band practice.

Cuddled the kid.

Worked on corner shelf.

Took mini me to McDonalds for McNuggets.

Watched Back To The Future 1&2.

Hit the sack at midnight.

Saturday 5th January, 2019

Woke up (late) at 8:45am

Fed Gary

Made coffee

(Evan stayed at Grays last night)

Watched a movie (Red Dragon)

Cleaned up foam core diorama mess.

Cleaned litter


Evan came home @1pm


Did the dishes


Cleaned the bathroom


Derek came to pick Evan, Gary and I up.

I had dinner at Dereks, Evan spent the night there.

I was home by midnight with some new foamcore which I happily whittled away at until 3 am.

Thursday January 3rd, 2018

8:45am woke up


Fed Gary

Made Evans breakfast and my coffee

Put laundry away

Made roast strip loin

Cut Evans hair while he played Minecraft

Worked on foam core diorama

And paper cutting

Fed kid

6pm showered

Fed Evan fish sticks and made pizza for Derek

Kept Evan up late (8:30pm!)

Went to buy wine (first drink in 3 weeks)

Caught up/drank wine with D

(Reminder: my opinion is only relevant to myself. No on appreciates unsolicited advice.)

10pm Watching Can’t Hardly Wait while munching cookies





Wednesday January 2, 2019

6:55 woke up.

Evan came home from Grays @ 7am and we cuddled.

Then I got up,

Fed Gary, made coffee for me and oatmeal for the kid.

Currently drinking coffee and checking bank account.

MOOD: optimistic, happy, low-energy

Ate a brownie and took meds at 9am.

Talked Evan through a panic attack/cuddled.

Evan worked on his new Lego roller coaster while I sorted and cut paper.

I worked on “His Masters Voice” and sorted the laundry

Took out wagonload of recycling

Went to

The laundromat

Did quick grocery shop.

Bought craft supplies.

Folded clothes.

Went to the airport with Evan to meet D who was returning home from Winnipeg.

Evan and I were home by @ 7:30

Evan was in bed by 8.

I finished folding the laundry then

I cut some paper.

Until 4am.


Going to zzz so sleepy

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

7am Cuddled with the kid

Got up

Fed Gary The Snail

Made coffee for me and

Dino oatmeal for the kid

Had a brownie for breakfast

Watched some crap movie/worked on some projects while mostly laying on the couch

Made mom’s frozen stuffing casserole for brunch @ 11

Took adhd meds at noon

Spoke to my parents

(Reminder; Order Wonderland season passes)

Activities/crafts/Evan time

Confirmed D’s flight info for tomorrow

5pm showered!

6pm Evan went to Grays for the night

Cleaned up my art mess, washed dishes and vacuumed

Did second resin coat on “His Masters Voice” (for D)

It’s currently 10:30pm

Going to smoke some pot, eat a brownie and maybe some tuna too.

Floss and brush



Sweet dreams!