Sunday January 6th, 2019

The fire alarm went in the middle of the night so I (eventually) went outside and waited with everyone else/got bored and went to the Hasty Mart on the corner for a bag of Pop Chips and a brownie.

Was in my bed half an hour later

Woke up @8:45am

Today is the first in 4 months that there are no pets here and Im enjoying how clean it is and how much more free time I have for activities! 🤪

Made coffee and finished brownie from hast Mart.

Worked on mirror project and foam core corner shelf until 11 then got showered.

Derek returned Evan at noon. Derek wasn’t feeling well but stayed for a bit before heading off to band practice.

Cuddled the kid.

Worked on corner shelf.

Took mini me to McDonalds for McNuggets.

Watched Back To The Future 1&2.

Hit the sack at midnight.


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