Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

7am Cuddled with the kid

Got up

Fed Gary The Snail

Made coffee for me and

Dino oatmeal for the kid

Had a brownie for breakfast

Watched some crap movie/worked on some projects while mostly laying on the couch

Made mom’s frozen stuffing casserole for brunch @ 11

Took adhd meds at noon

Spoke to my parents

(Reminder; Order Wonderland season passes)

Activities/crafts/Evan time

Confirmed D’s flight info for tomorrow

5pm showered!

6pm Evan went to Grays for the night

Cleaned up my art mess, washed dishes and vacuumed

Did second resin coat on “His Masters Voice” (for D)

It’s currently 10:30pm

Going to smoke some pot, eat a brownie and maybe some tuna too.

Floss and brush



Sweet dreams!


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