I used to have a Leap Frog Explorer Globe…


And then the kid got a hold of it and it ‘ended’. I just couldn’t bare to toss all that plastic in the dump so I upcycled it! Now I can donate the punch bowl I WAS using to home my collection of chunky plastic jewels!


A classy plastic bowl for some classy plastic jewels. 😉


Home is where the heart, art and hula hoops are!


Welcome to my home!  My room mates are my 7 year old son and his tabby cat, Theodore Huxtable.  The kid gets the large bedroom.  The rest of the space is open plan which is just a classy way of saying that all my shit is in one room.  I’ve made the best use of space that I can and often get complimented on how comfy and inviting it is but since I’ve started being a full-time, work from home artist, there’s hardly space to move!

Sometimes I have to remind myself of how utterly grateful I was the day we moved here in November 2009.  Our life in the months prior were the most stressful of my life so far. My 8 year marriage ended only months after we emigrated here from the UK and shortly after that, my son was diagnosed with Autism.   Due to financial constraints, my X and I were forced to co-habituate for the remainder of our lease. During that time, things got very ugly between us.  The relief I felt at finally having a safe place to raise my son can’t be described in any words that I know.

We had almost nothing.  We’d moved here as a family on a 2 year work visa and had left most of our worldly possessions back in the UK in our large, 4 bedroom home.  We had quite a different lifestyle back then, filled to the brim with lavishness, excess and privileged.

I never saw any of it again.  I walked away from it all without a thought.  I was happy enough just to have a double height air mattress, 2 bedside tables, a dining room set, a large floor rug, a yellow chair and my freedom! I won the TV and playstation3 in the separation because I was the bigger gamer but I didn’t have anything to put them on so they lived on my floor for awhile. The kids room was fully furnished from our condo so I didn’t have to worry much about that, we just decorated the walls with a SpongeBob SquarePants theme and called it a day.

006 2009-12-31 (26) 2009-12-31 (32)The rest of this place filled up slowly over the years.  Sometimes it feels close to bursting but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Home, for me, is where your heart, art and hula hoops are!