Tidy vs Compulsive

Dearest people who casually use the term “OCD”:

Being tidy and “needing” things to be a certain way isn’t



or a Disorder.

It took me almost 3 minutes to knock on doors because I had to knock in patterns of 3’s.

If someone opened the door,

I still had to knock until I finished the sequence.

And if I was stopped, I’d have to begin again.

No matter how long that took.

Same pattern with every single light I turned on.

Or off.

I washed my hands 100-200 times a day, sometimes until they were cracked and bleeding.

I obsessively counted ceiling tiles, floor tiles, bricks

Again and again.

And again.

I couldn’t stand to see segments of garlic that hadn’t been broken apart. I’d smash them to bits or I couldn’t hear a single thing anyone was saying.

All I could hear was loud swishing noises and all I could think about was smashing the segments apart.

I couldn’t be touched by most people without needing to wash my hands.

I had to disinfect every doorknob, light switch daily.

In fact,

I spent 4-6 hours a day cleaning every surface in my home.

I never stepped on a crack if I could help it, even if that meant skipping, walking and jumping oddly.

Everything was in patterns only I knew.

It took a lot of thought and energy.

It was debilitating af.

Worse though when was I didn’t finish the knocking sequence.

When I fell onto a crack.

When I wasn’t able to smash the garlic bulbs hanging on the wall.

When I was imperfect.

Imperfection wasn’t tolerable.

I would often smash a glass coke bottle against my head or face until I was black and blue.

Or I would cut the bottoms of my feet with a razor.

The more blood, the better.

I don’t believe that there is sick a thing as being

“OCD sometimes”

Or having “a touch of OCD”.

So unless you can identify with any of the above,

count yourself lucky;

you don’t have OCD.



The Kid and I Sat On a Couch

On July 26th, 2017, Toronto photographer Adam Coish placed the following ad in the bunz trading zone:

HELLO FELLOW COUCH OWNERS! I’m looking for willing participants to take part in my ongoing photo project titled “The Couch Series”. I’ve been working on this series for some time and I’m looking to revive the series with some new, fresh looking portraits. The concept is simple. I photograph people on their couches.

I’ve shot over 50 couches and the people/pets who sit on them. What I’m looking for now are interesting faces, spaces and couches that stand out amongst the rest.. 
Here’s some things I’m looking for:
– People with unique hair/style, i.e. Afro, colourful hair, mohawk, dreads, etc. Formal, hippy/bohemian, etc.
– Intriguing couches/spaces. Anything that catches the eye. Could be messy or tidy. Fancy or plain.
– All types of people (age, ethnicity and interests). I.E. Gothic couple, firemen in their station, bikers, Punk couple, Someone with a lot of pets. The list can go on and on.

If you have interest in being a part of this photo series, please DM me. It’s roughly a 1-2 hour experience. In return for you allowing me into your home and taking your portrait, I will email you a couple different portraits from the session. It’s an awesome way to immortalize this time in your life!
Please check out the link below for “The Couch Series”. I’m looking for something different from my series, so I’m sorry in advance if I don’t respond.

Thanks guys!! Now go laze on that couch of yours and relax. You deserve it!

Adam Coish

He included a link to a recent bit of press:


I read the article, took one look at his photos and was determined to apply! I was newly single after half a decade and very keen to have a new family photo taken. But, because I was newly single and suddenly paying twice the bills, I hadn’t prioritized it. Plus, I had recently traded for a couch on bunz.com, painted the fabric with chalk finish acrylic and refinished the wood with gold leaf, so it felt like kismet!

I immediately sent him a message.

Hi Adam!
I saw your bunz post and thought I’d throw my hat in the ring!
I’m a professional artist and hula hooper with a very weird/eclectic style. I also recently redecorated a couch! Coincidence?
Yes! 🤣

I included these two photos. In hindsight, the front door was an odd choice to seeing as how a couch would never be anywhere near there.

I crossed my fingers and waited.

Luckily for me, he liked the look of the couch and took the time to reply!  After a bit of back and forth about the kid and the cats, we set up a date for the shoot!

Adam was amazing on the day!

Things that weren’t in his favour:

  • The kid tends to fire off questions one after another, seldom pausing for a breath
  • (Adam took the time to chat and show him his lighting equipment, which Evan still mentions)
  • I am notoriously awkward when asked to pose
  • Cats are super jerks
  • x 3

Adam expertly directed my family circus and I think it shows it shows in the final photo:


unnamed (1)

Isn’t it just (pardon the pun) purrfect?!

I got a bit emotional when I saw it.

And because he’s beyond amazing, Adam recently sent me a bonus photo.

It arrived just as all three foster cats had moved on to there furever homes so it was like a refresh on the family photo.  HOW COOL IS THAT!?

unnamed (2)

Check out the rest of the series and see if you can guess which (besides ours of course) is my favourite!



Love, peace and chicken grease,