Wednesday January 2, 2019

6:55 woke up.

Evan came home from Grays @ 7am and we cuddled.

Then I got up,

Fed Gary, made coffee for me and oatmeal for the kid.

Currently drinking coffee and checking bank account.

MOOD: optimistic, happy, low-energy

Ate a brownie and took meds at 9am.

Talked Evan through a panic attack/cuddled.

Evan worked on his new Lego roller coaster while I sorted and cut paper.

I worked on “His Masters Voice” and sorted the laundry

Took out wagonload of recycling

Went to

The laundromat

Did quick grocery shop.

Bought craft supplies.

Folded clothes.

Went to the airport with Evan to meet D who was returning home from Winnipeg.

Evan and I were home by @ 7:30

Evan was in bed by 8.

I finished folding the laundry then

I cut some paper.

Until 4am.


Going to zzz so sleepy


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